Do I Need a Referral?

Yes. We require a referral from your Primary Care Provider (PCP). This helps us coordinate your care better, as it allows your PCP to know what you are planning and allows the providers to directly interact regarding your care. In addition, your PCP is an essential member of your surgery team. You’ll be working with your PCP before your surgery to show your attempts at medically monitored weight loss (insurance requirement). In addition, after your surgery, your PCP will be able to assist you with identifying any problems and developing solutions.

We do not have a specific referral form that your PCP needs to send to us. Instead, your last office note and a demographic page (including your insurance) with a note of why you are being referred are all we need. 

How Long Between The Time Of Referral And When I Can Have My Surgery?

This really depends on you, your care team, and your insurance. However, here is a typical timeline:

  1. Referral to ABC contacting you for information – 2-4 weeks
  2. Initial contact to New Patient Appointment (this is highly dependent upon your returning the New Patient Paperwork PROMPTLY) – 1-4 weeks
  3. New Patient Appointment to Request for Authorization – up to 6 months
      All of the required tests and evaluations can be completed within 1 year PRIOR to surgery
      Your insurance will require 3-6 months of Physician Monitored Weight Loss visits with your PCP (or Nutritionist)
  4. Request for Authorization for surgery (from Insurance company) to approval – 10-45 days (up to your Insurance)
  5. Approval to surgery scheduled – 3-15 days (this is up to YOU – you tell us when you’re available and we see if Dr. Todd and the OR are available)

Essentially – your timeline can vary, but may be up to 9 months from when we receive your referral

Can I Do The Workup Before My PCP Refers Me?

Yes! You can work with your PCP so that when they refer you to us, everything is done! Your visits with them should be as close to the date of the referral as possible to assure your insurance will accept it. However, all of the other required tests and evaluations can be done up to 1 year PRIOR to your surgery date. Just don’t put off the process too long 😉

What’s required after surgery?

Each person is different and each surgery is different. You’ll need to work with your surgeon, PCP, and nutritionist to find the best dietary plan for you. In addition, Dr. Todd requests that you have labs done at 2 weeks post-surgery, 6 months, and then annually. Here is his specific request:

Dear Patient,

Please be sure to take a full set of vitamin supplements including:
-B12 500 mcg a day or arrange for monthly injections
-B1 100 mg 2 to 3 times a week
-Vit D3 1,0D0 to 3,000 iu/day
-a Bariatric MVI (available over the internet)

Please have these labs drawn every year. These are FASTING LABS (nothing to eat/drink after midnight):
-CBC with auto diff (85025)
-CMP (80053)
-Lipids (80061)
-Hemoglobin A1C (83036)
-PTH Intact (83970)
-Vitamin D (25-hydroxy) (82306)
-Thiamin (Whole Blood) (84425)
-Vitamin B12 (82607)
-Ferritin (82728)

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